Acupuncture Wins the Yellow Jersey

Posted by Kathryn Coppola

This year's Tour de France winner, Vincenzo Nibali, was caught with needles.  Not just any kind of needles, but the kind of needles I work with every day – acupuncture needles.    

Joshua Robinson at The Wall Street Journal reported that, 

Throughout the Tour, De Smedt has visited with all of the Astana riders twice a day—once before stages in the soigneur’s room at the back of the team bus and once at night in the team hotel. Working quickly and carefully, he uses six to 10 needles about an inch long at key points along the riders’ legs, feet, hands and even their heads, he said, “to promote recovery and relaxation of the muscles.”
Pro cyclists use acupuncture

Acupuncture speeds up recovery by improving circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and removed any lactic acid build up.  Nibali and his fellow Astana riders were able to ride each day of tour most likely with a bit less stiffness, achy-ness and swelling. " Its those little extra details that can help us" Nibali told a Belgian television station. 

So what about you?  If acupuncture is the difference between winning the yellow jersey and not, how can it help you achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations?  

Acupuncture does so much more than just work to loosen up muscles and fascia or improve blood and oxygen supply to your muscles.  Acupuncture can help you to better handle stress and anxiety, improve memory and have clearer thinking. 

Go after your "yellow jersey" what ever it happens to be.  When you need those "little extra details" consider turning to acupuncture for the boost.