Purple Aster - Zi Wan

It is officially Autumn and Purple Aster flowers are in bloom everywhere!  Ride down any bike path or walk along just about any side walk in Madison and you'll notice beautiful purple flowers.  The roots are part of traditional Chinese medicine's herbal repertoire.  

Zi Wan - madison herbalist

Purple Aster roots, called Zi Wan, treat a variety of different coughs. The plant is draught resistant and happens to do well with dry coughs.  Research studies also showed that Zi Wan has an expectorant effect (meaning it helps you get stuck sputum out) that can last up to 4 hours.  Zi Wan is also antibiotic.  Nature is providing us with just what we need in order to combat Fall allergies.  So, if you're one of many who suffer from Fall allergies, instead of taking over the counter synthetic medication, consider using a gift from nature and visit your neighborhood acupuncturist.