Road to Happy Healthy Life

Your road to better health begins here. 

Your first visit

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are a holistic approach. As acupuncturists we believe that if one part of your body is out of balance, it will create imbalance in other areas as well. That's why we take the time to identify the underlying pattern that could be causing your discomfort.

The first 15-30 minutes we'll discuss your past and current health concerns, as well as your wellness goals for the future.  You'll have a thorough intake which includes feeling your pulse on both wrists, looking at your tongue. Once we have established the underlying pattern of disharmony in your body, we will recommend the specific treatment that will work best for you and your health.

Your first appointment will normally take 90 minutes.

Intake treatments for first time patients are $100 per session.   

Checklist for your first visit

  • Bring a list of your current medications

  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing

  • Have a small meal or snack within two hours of your appointment

Return Appointments

The benefits to Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine are cumulative. You'll likely want to plan for more than one visit, though most patients see results after just the first treatment. Depending on your body, your health, and the reason you're visiting, treatment plans will often include a concentrated burst of sessions (2-3 times per week for the first few weeks) and then move into a maintenance mode with weekly or bi-weekly treatments as needed. 

After your first visit, your follow up appointments will normally take 45 minutes. 

Return treatments are $80 per session